No Light Technician Necessary Lightwall does the work for you by seamlessly synching visuals to sounds, elevating the atmosphere of any stage setting and music genre with the vibe you choose.

Audio-reactive power technology

The USB-powered sound sensor decodes recorded or live music with a high accuracy BPM counter and smart microphone, seamlessly synching Lightwall visual effects in real time.

The Twinkly App:
A powerhouse for creativity

The intuitively designed mobile app gives you complete control of the infinitely personalizable effects.

Ready to play in just 3 steps


Download the Twinkly App

Available for free on the App Store, works with iPhone and iPad.

Create an Account

Create a new Twinkly account or log in via Facebook or Apple ID.

Play Effects

Play amazing effects. create your own or upload content in just a few taps.

Twinkly Key Features

Revolutionary Tech

Use your device camera to map your installation

Create Custom Effects

Create your custom visual content, including colorful pattern animations and text (iOS only)

Group Devices

Sync and join multiple devices into one single setup

Ethernet Connectivity

For a robust and secure connection between devices and the Twinkly Cloud

Addressable LEDs

Premium-grade RGB LEDs with IP44 certified casing and wire

Sync with Music

Make your Twinkly lights dance to the rhythm of your music with amazing synchro capabilities

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Lightwall seamlessly integrates and syncs with all Twinkly products. Discover the entire Twinkly universe.

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