Take your stage presence to the next level

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Made to Perform

Specifically designed for live performers who want to elevate their stage presence with professional effects in indoor settings, this innovative installation featuring a premium black backdrop and addressable RGB LED lights brings the most dynamic audiovisual experience to life with extraordinary energy.

Beats to your music in real time

No light technician necessary. Using cutting-edge algorithms, the Music dongle decodes any sound source in real time and visuals are seamlessly synchronized to elevate the atmosphere of any stage setting and music genre with the vibe you choose.

Set up in less
than 10 minutes

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The professional look and feel are guaranteed by the premium black textile backdrop, solid metal frame and RGB LEDs that emit unparalleled vibrancy and brightness.


Diagonal spacing produces more fluid animations and effects. Lights are IP 44/65 certified to resist water and spills.

Expandable for
Limitless Settings

For larger settings and stages, two or more Lightwalls can be linked and mapped together to work as one giant digital canvas, all controlled by the app. Lightwalls can also be complemented by traditional stage lighting.

Create Your Own
Visual Content

Compose your own audio-reactive visual content to accompany your music thanks to the intuitively designed mobile app.

Linkable Light

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Everything you need is in the box – including a black aluminum frame that is lightweight and solid, water weights for additional stability, a controller and the Twinkly Music dongle, all in a travel-ready trolly.


Amplify your stage presence: Sync your music to extraordinarily bright, animated visuals tailored to your performance.


Easily transportable with a quick set up and intuitive app, choose from a growing library of effects or adjust, mix and personalize.